Contract Negotiation Services

Cost Cutting Consultant provides you with the support and expertise to re-negotiate your current courier contract and save your company money. Each courier uses negotiation tactics, contract verbiage, and fine print that can be confusing, misleading, and costly. However, with 12 years of experience, Cost Cutting Consultant has an in-depth understanding of each courier’s services and prices. An expertly re-negotiated courier contract, with Cost Cutting Consultant, can save your company money and still meet all of your company’s needs.

How much money can a company actually save with Costs Cutting Consultant? Below are some examples of the savings that companies have earned with Cost Cutting Consultant.

Annual Parcel Spend Savings % Courier ST Industry
$414,594$107,73526.0%FedEx GroundNJBeverage
$208,095$7,4463.6%FedEx Domestic ExpressNJTitle agency
$1,730,815$233,16713.5%UPSNYRestaurant Supplies

Each of the numbers above represents a company that had already negotiated with the courier on their own, and some had just recently finished their negotiations! However, each of these companies found that the experience and expertise of Cost Cutting Consultant helped them earn significant savings with a re-negotiated contract.

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