Contract Negotiation Services

Historical knowledge and data analytics come into play to assist behind the scenes in your negotiations with UPS and FedEx. You’ll receive the analyzed initial data, the request for a revised contract, reports on potential savings, and all responses to emails from the carrier will be composed for you, along with an attached analysis of the carrier’s offer.

Auditing Services

Experience the most thorough auditing services in the industry, ensuring your parcel carrier is billing you correctly. Every invoice is audited, going forward for late deliveries and billing errors (going back six months for billing errors). The billing credit is requested on your behalf and followed up to ensure it’s applied to your account.

The following terms may appear on your credit statement:

GSR – Any delivery that is late due to an error or oversight by UPS or FedEx is entitled to a guaranteed service refund (GSR).

Void – Sometimes a UPS or USPS client intending to ship a package manifests a label but does not end up using it. It is the client’s responsibility to void unused labels, or the shipping carrier will charge them. However, if after 30 days a package hasn’t been voided by the client, a void will be submitted in order to obtain credit for them. (FedEx charges upon delivery and not upon label creation.)

Duplicate billings – A duplicate bill means the client was billed twice for the same tracking number. This occurs when the manifest does not get transmitted on time, the package gets delivered, and the shipping company bills for the service; the customer then transmits the manifest a second time, creating a duplicate bill. Duplicate billing may also come about if the manifest was sent twice by the client. If duplicate billing occurs, the client is entitled to a credit.

Residential adjustments – USPS-certified RDI (residential delivery indicator) software determines if any delivery with a residential surcharge or residential adjustment was actually delivered to a commercial location and therefore in need of a credit.

Rate variances – Credits are obtained if any charge did not follow your contracted rates.

Saturday delivery surcharge – Credits are obtained for clients who paid for a Saturday delivery even though their parcel was delivered on a different day of the week.

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