Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will working with you affect my relationship with my carrier?

A. Any efforts with carrier customer service do not conflict with your current carrier relationship. The carrier customer care representatives have no communication with your carrier account representative.

Q. Can you provide payment and invoicing information?

A. Get My Refund Now works on a contingency gain/share of reconciled credits, and only gets paid once you’ve received credits from your carrier. Your business is invoiced for auditing services for reconciled credits (once they appear on the carrier’s invoices).

Q. How do I know you are not asking for credits that the shipping company would have refunded anyway, or that I might have asked for on my own?

A. There are four major types of refunds Get My Refund Now obtains for its clients:

  1. Guaranteed Service Refund (GSR) – The shipping company does not credit late packages unless this is requested by the customer within 15 days of delivery. Most customers do not make this request; Get My Refund Now is here to make it for you.
  2. Residential Service Charge Refund – Erroneous residential charges are only checked 30 days after the shipment, giving the customer and the shipping company enough time to check it themselves.
  3. Voids – Before a void is requested, 30 days pass to give the customer the chance to void the shipment.
  4. Duplicate Billing – Credit is requested for duplicate billings 30 days after the second billing, again giving the customer and the shipping company enough time to check it themselves.
Q. How can we see the credits you obtain on our carrier invoices?

A. All invoices are supported by a detailed report that shows on which carrier invoices to find each credit. Upon receipt of the first audit invoice and report you’ll have the option to attend a customized webinar to show you where on your carrier invoices the credits can be found.

Q. Are late ground shipments entitled to a credit?

A. Yes! They are guaranteed by the end of the day.

Q. How far back can you go to get billing errors reconciled?

A. As per each carrier’s service guide. For UPS: 180 days if you are already enrolled in the Billing Center. For FedEx: 180 days if you are already enrolled in Billing Online and Reporting Online.

Q. How far back can you go to get late deliveries reconciled?

A. As per each carrier’s service guide, 15 days.

Q. Do you work with paper invoices?

A. No, you must be set up for paperless billing.

Q. What do you need from us?

A. The login info for or and a copy of your carrier agreement. You must be enrolled in the UPS Billing Center and UPS Quantum View Manage, or FedEx Billing Online and FedEx Reporting Online.

Q. Who approaches the carrier for a credit – us or you?

A. Get My Refund Now handles the entire credit process on your behalf.

Q. Do you check to make sure we are getting the correct discounts?

A. Yes, upon receipt of your carrier contract.

Q. How soon can we expect to see invoice credits and adjustments?

A. You can expect to see credits within three weeks. Thereafter, the flow becomes more consistent.

Q. How are credits processed?

A. For UPS, all credits requested are posted to the next invoice. Past invoices should be paid in full and future invoices are credited.

For FedEx, if the invoice was not yet paid, a credit to that invoice will appear in Billing Online and if you pay by check the invoice can be short-paid. If you are on automatic pay with credit card, then the credit card will automatically short pay. If the invoice was paid, the money will be returned the way it was paid. If it was paid by check, FedEx will send a check for the refunded amount; if it was paid by credit card, FedEx will refund the credit card.

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