Since 2011, Cost Cutting Consultant, has put millions of dollars back in business owners’ hands across North America. If your U.S.- or Canada-based company sends merchandise or documents daily via FedEx or UPS, Cost Cutting Consultant, may be able to save you up to 10% of your shipping costs.

Cost Cutting Consultant, principal analyst Yisrael Markowitz provides each client with personalized service. Yisrael is passionate about helping companies save money on shipping. He has over two and a half decades of experience in general accounts-payable invoice auditing and vendor management and negotiation. For nearly half that time, Yisrael has focused on parcel audit and contract negotiation.

Yisrael negotiates reduced shipping costs. He is ready to put his extensive skills and drive for excellence to work for you, providing you with a suite of singular services that similar vendors lack. He will tailor his work to your company’s specific needs, all with outstanding transparency and clarity.

Stop wasting resources. Boost your bottom line.

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