If you have the following questions or concerns, get reports that can provide the answers.

  • 1 How does dimensional weight affect my bottom line?
  • 2 I’m merging/buying a new company and want to know which contract is better.
  • 3 Am I getting the best rates compared to others with similar spend characteristics?
  • 4 Is the FedEx offer better than my current UPS rates?
  • 5 Is the UPS offer better than my current FedEx rates?
  • 6 Is my current practice of using multiple carriers cost-effective?
  • 7 I want to understand my shipping agreement.
  • 8 I’d like to understand all the surcharges, corrections, and adjustments on my bill.
  • 9 What steps can be taken to ship more efficiently?
  • 10 How can certain charges be avoided?
  • 11 How can I accurately charge customers my shipping charges?
  • 12 Which clients are residential but claim commercial?
  • 13 Which of my products incur dimensional, large, oversize, or additional handling charges?
  • 14 How does the minimum net charge affect my true discounts?
  • 15 How can I correct my database to avoid further address correction surcharges?

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